New “Ghost Station” – Brawl Stars Update Splash Screen and Looby Themes

The next Brawl update is coming soon; the developers have already revealed a Brawl Talk with the main news, but not everything is shown, and here on the site, you can follow the complete coverage of everything!

So, in addition to the news in Brawl Talk, it has already been revealed here on the website that there will also be a round of balance changes for brawlers and, as expected, a new loading screen and themed looby themes.

Revealing the New “Ghost Station” Loading Screen

In this new screen, we see that it takes place in the Ghost Station, the environment of the next Brawl Pass, and the highlight in the new Chromatic Buster Brawler, along with Gus by his side. Also, the new look of Colette Inspector, Penny Raccoon in the background and Gromenstein, which can be purchased in sweepstakes here on the site.

The official Brawl profile also tweeted some parts of this new loading screen to use as a screensaver on your phone!

New Looby Themes

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